Yes I have

by NotGeeky - 1/5/13 5:24 AM

In Reply to: PC Cleaner Pro by R_Carruthers

It sounds like a strange operation, I let them takover my computer and all they do is tell you whats wrong, don't fix anything but would if you pay them two hundred dollars. I bailed out of that real fast. It took me time but I crashed my notebook on purpose, then I found out how to re-download the system without the disk (Win 7) now everything is brand new. No $200, no nothing. A couple of hours later and I now have another brand new notebook. These companies make everything sound so complicated for the bucks they try to suck out of you. Anytime anything happens I learned, it's mostly software. Software you physically can't see or break, but there are ways for it to fix itself. Thats what I did. It took me more time than I wanted to spend, but when you don't know where to go, you have to keep playing with it, until you find it, but it's built right into your system....Now I'm working on my desktop to do the same thing, but thats "XP", a little bit more challenging, but I'll find that one to. That one was built by a private vendor though