actually I do care, and that's good advice..

by feduchin - 1/4/13 8:43 PM

In Reply to: Yes It is by sorahl

Both my daughter and I have been using ZoneAlarm on our laptops for several years, admittedly without any real problems. (My daughter has Windows 7 Professional on a 1.83Mhz machine [around 2009], I have Windows 7 Home Premium on a Core i5, 3 months old.)
Fact is though, I'm a pensioner now and trying to cut down on expenses and considered using Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials.
I have been unsure how to proceed, so the sorahl's advice is useful. I have already tried MSSE, admittedly without any hassles, but was still unsure.
I do believe I heard that Defender has some MSSE stuff in it, is that true?