Infant Mortality is one thing to monitor

by 0135boom - 1/4/13 8:03 PM

In Reply to: Dead hard drives as geek art by MightyDrakeC

Look, drives today outclass those of yesteryear. People are not comparing apples to apples. The drive density is significantly higher, head location is more critical than the past, materials are better, and there are more drives now than in the past. My last point is key because even with a lower failure rate it will seem like more drive failures are occurring because the total population is greater. Simple stats. As for density and head location tolerance, poor workmanship will show more. But realistically, I have seen only a handful of drive failures and never a failure on a personal computer. I have been using computers since 1975 and have owned personal computers since 1983. Maybe I am lucky or maybe I defragged my drives more than others and averted disaster. Regardless, the drives I have seen fail in school and business have been tied to infant mortality or physical abuse from dropping. I think the drive concern is a bunch of hot air...