I've got Win8 on a netbook & dislike it

I bought a netbook with Win8 after giving an Android tablet that I absolutely hated to my 16-year-old son, who loved it. I discovered that I'd merely traded a tablet for a false tablet.

Win8 was not designed for the traditional desktop PC user. It's probably wonderful for the Surface tablet with Win8RT, but, frankly, I hate touch screens and don't want to be connected to the Net 24/7. I use my desktop for work: editing. I used to use a netbook with WinXP Pro to edit a few years ago. No problem. Trying to use my new netbook to edit is a major problem. It's just a big smartphone with a usable keyboard and mouse but without the phone function.

The biggest problem is that it takes more mouse clicks than it takes to do the simplest things on Win7. I've tried all the OSs for personal PCs since 1987 and I like Win7 best of all, so I'm not anti-Microsoft, but I'm not happy with Win8. I'm also unhappy that I can't use MS Office 2003 with Win8: I seriously dislike the ribbon that comes with Office 2007, 2010, & 2013. I have MS Office 2007 but won't use it, so that's another reason to stick with Win7.