Junk? No. Different? Yes

Think about how hard drives have evolved....
I remember in the early 80s 5MB (not GB) drives on three platters that were about 1/8" by about 1.5 ft wide that I had one fail once a month. These were enterprise mainframe class drives. Now think about storing 1tb or more in a 2.5 inch by whatever thickness the laptop platters are.

Now, there's the shock effect for mobile drives - laptop, usb external, etc. Now the drives have to be built knowing they're going to be moved around and sometimes bashed into things, and are expected to take the punishment.

Think about how the technology had to evolve to allow the greater density of recording, and the resiliency for mobility. Surface mount circuitry, more advanced coatings for the platters, and ever smaller read/write heads and distances between the heads and the platters.

I know the manufacturers now built drives for certain types of use, WD has a great line of drives that I swear by, but would never buy less than a WD Black for performance and reliability. I'm considering RED for Network Storage and have used Green quite happily for long term storage.

I think too many people take this technology for granted and expect their drives to last without even reasonable care, like UPS to maintain clean power, cleaning their pc's to avoid dust build up (include heat and electrostatic charge asa side effect). Even carelessness with basic laptop care, like putting it down relatively gently. If people understood even the basics of the technology involved they might treat their equipment better, and it WILL last longer.

SSD's have their own pros and cons, I use one for my system and program files, but even they need some reasonable amount of care.