Samsung did not cover my HLT model TV

My Samsung DLP TV is model # HLT6189SX/XAA. I have the same white & black dot issue that is spreading all over my screen. I called 800-Samsung and spoke with a rep after just a few minutes. I gave her my model # and Serial # and was informed that my model # was not covered by the one time free repair.
She gave me transaction # 2116690595 and switched me over to her supervisor. The supervisor said they could not help but gave me a "request" # 5104915844 and switched me over to an "Executive Customer Relations" rep.
I gave the "Executive Customer Relations" rep my Request # and Transaction # and she said she could not help me either. She said that the dlp chip for my tv was "HLT618" and the one-time free repair was only for the models requiring chip #s HLT617 and below so my TV did not make the cut.
Obviously this white dot issue is affecting all the DLP TVs so they should all be covered. I wouldn't mind replacing the chip myself, but I would rather not pay the $180 for the replacement chip.