"Quit bothering us" is the typical reply. "we've removed that feature, too bad, go with our competition" "Oh, you can't do that anymore, we don't want anyone to use our product" "we just changed the interface so you can't find anything. buy something, even though you hate the current product you just got free because we borked it all up, and then uninstall it and don't use it" "we don't listen"
Just give us back the traffic monitor and change the interface to something useable. When I see "options" I want OPTIONS for the FIREWALL not "buy our other products" How about a right click on the taskbar takes you to the actual options, such as program control, interface options, turn off updates option, logs, whatever?
PLUS have it stop blocking my tray icons by default on XP and reporting my wireless connection as "SUSPICIOUS" I've always had enough trouble with this on this laptop without Zonealarm blocking the damn Dell wireless utility because.. OMG it uses a Setting IN REGISTRY!
I'd actually forgotten about all the problems version ten has, I had to roll back my XP desktop (when it's not booted into Linux) to a 9x version, and locked so it can't update. I also did the same on my wife's laptop. I guess I'll have to do the same on this one, which I unwisely allowed to update.
I hate updates of any sort unless they're seamless. Hence, NOT UPDATING from XP to vista,7, or windows broken 8 with the illegally named "metro" (that's a linux app) interface. OH SORRY they don't call it that anymore, why don't they just call it CRAP then?