Content charges

by mjd420nova - 1/1/13 2:27 PM

In Reply to: Cable vs. Dish by Langley1900

Comparing cable to Directv, the satelite (directv) is cheaper for the content I wanted from each. The difference is around $35. I had the basic digital cable, with DVR, and a second tier sports package for $150. The same tv package from satelite was $115. If you have any specific channells you're interested in, they are often part of another higher priced groupof channels and some aren't available for both providers. HD usually adds up to $25. to the overall price and if it's an upgrade, you may have to buy the DVR ($200.) Cable is more widely available and some locations may have restrictions on outside antennas(dishes). Dishes can be hidden and I've hidden more than a few under fiberglass rocks or behind the southeast facing windows.