Sony Handycam DCR-TRV260 playback possible solution

I have been reading all the posts on this handycam issues and possible repairs to similar problems I have been experiencing. I appreciate all everyone has posted and continued on the quest to solve my playback issues. Smacking it did not work however I found a youtube posting that did fix my problem. Here it is I found just using forceps and squeezing the roller down on it' s spindle not only solved my playback issue but it resolved a digital blocking playback issue which I believe occurs during recording from the tape slipping as well. I new my problems were somehow related to tape advancement through the machine but never realized this roller was a drive roller on a spindle. Apparently it can slip off its' spindle or get worn out and slip. Such a simple issue to resolve and has plagued this machine forcing me to send in for repair twice since i' ve owned it. Now maybe you can put an end to your misery as well.