by arashpour - 1/1/13 12:56 AM

In Reply to: (NT) And 99 is not sufficient? by MarkFlax Moderator

So you dont know the answer to the question, but you disregard the question by questioning it? You must be so smart!! You dont know the answer? Shut up and move on to another thread.

Here's the solution -since I did not find it anywhere on the net I share it here for those who are looking for it- to the retarded limitation on redial attempts in windows :

Find pbk file on the location below:

Open the pbk file in notepad. Find the foloowing string:
Put whatever number you want after =
Save it.

Youre done.

I found the answer by trial and error. I tried. I didnt try to escape from the problem by saying "isnt 99 enough"!!!