New Set Up for 3 x LED TV's and Laptop - HELP Please

by lordroger - 12/31/12 9:01 AM

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I don't really know where to ask this question but hopefully someone will see it and be able to help me. I am trying to set up a new 'video system' for our church, basically a Powerpoint presentation run on a laptop and shown on 3 LED TV's. There is no requirement for normal TV channels or the internet.
Due to the distance from the laptopto the TV's I was hoping there may be a wireless solution if I buy DLNA TV's with Lan connections? Or if I have to use cables, can I use Cat 5 with HDMI convertors as this is smaller and easier to conceal plus the HDMI cables would need to be over 30 mtrs long.
Any help would be much appreciated but please keep it simple, this is not my field of expertise.

Many thanks and Happy New Year to everyone