Surface Mount Components are the cause

I believe surface mount components are part of the cause.

Compare a through the hole resistor to a surface mount resistor. Through the hole parts are bigger. The through the hole resistor has leads and goes through the vias (holes) in a circuit board. The leads act as a heat sink and partly an insulator to very small electro static shock. Larger parts can handle heat well and there is more of it so that if part of the part goes bad, some of it might operate.

Commodore computers were mostly through the hole components and the only thing going bad in them after 20 years is that some of the capacitors are drying out and there are videos on how to replace the components.

In contrast, surface mount soldering is like welding. You use solder or solder paste to stick components to a surface. These components are very small and electricity flows through them a little differently. Sound sounds worse on surface mount than through the hole components.

Realistically, why would I need to upgrade? If all I do is word processing and internet, why do I have to upgrade every three years? Why can't a computer last ten years? Our Dell has lasted eight years but our hard drive started to fail. My Commodore Amiga lasted ten years before it failed. There are Amiga users with Amigas in existence today and there are Commodore 64 users in existence today.

Surface mount components are used by companies that are giving you throw away computers because it costs less because they are using less material. Imagine if I told you I was going to sell you jeans with material that was soo thin it was only going to last six months? You would throw them away, right?

Microsoft wants to sell you an operating system every three years. Apple wants to sell you a new operating system every year or so. Right? These computers have to have built in obsolescence to generate the next new wave of building.

If you were to price surface mount components by the thousands, you get a different price than buying less than ten at a time. Why then are hard drives sold for $89 when they are giving you parts that are worth pennies instead of the more costly through the hole parts? In essence, not only are they making you upgrade faster but they are giving you nothing in terms of value in components because they cost less and will break down quicker.