Don't buy from Light in the Box

by Tang2011 - 12/31/12 4:15 AM

In Reply to: How safe is Light in the Box website/Chinese? by rpeggyb1

We bought a sword from Light in the Box for our son as birthday gift. It came on time but a week later, we received a bill from FedEx which equals to about 50% of the purchase value. I called FedEx, they said the shipper stated that the VAT and fee would be paid by the consignee. This additional cost was never mentioned in the purchase page and the buyer was never told that they would be charged an additional 50% by the shipping company. The read cost of the item is in fact 150% of what they quoted as the purchase price. If we have known that the cost was too high, we would not make that purchase. We think they were trying to lure people to buy their goods thinking they were getting a good price. Do not buy from them, as this is not a honest practice to do business.