We're not initially happy with Windows 8 and Microsoft

by ChuckJTS - 12/30/12 2:55 PM

In Reply to: Should I upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8? by deluca_9

We got Windows 8 but my suggestion is you at least try it in a store before you buy it.

We're unhappy in some ways that there isn't a start button.
I am unhappy that I have to use a Windows account to do business instead of my own email account.
Windows 8 makes the computer feel like some iPad or tablet which we could care less about.
The features we want aren't in a central location and having to learn a whole new operating system is not what we want.

I think everyone is being too nice to Microsoft. I've actually complained to Microsoft and they hung up on me and they don't care because they are all millionares and don't care what this customer thinks.

We're actually asking the opposite question as to whether we should get rid of Windows 8 and go with 7.