When I had my bypass surgery

by TONI H - 12/30/12 3:26 AM

In Reply to: About the soreness.... by Tony Holmes

The cardiology department handed out extremely hard-stuffed heart shaped pillows that you held up tightly against your chest (I had the older type of surgery that is a straight line from neckline to middle of chest cavity) so when you coughed you had a lesser chance of pushing out staples or stitches....and it really helped with the soreness, too. I've actually been using that same pillow nearly 20 years later to hold on my one side where the spasm-prone soreness is the most intense and it's really helped with that. A lot more than I thought it would.

Crossed fingers......spent most of yesterday sleeping again (felt like I made five steps backwards in my recovery), but made the decision last evening to sleep on the couch instead of my bed......and moved to the recliner about six hours later and slept another three hours more or less upright with legs and feet propped on the foot rest. Feel much better this morning and only had one small coughing fit around 1AM. Hopefully, the worst is finally over and am heading back to 'normal'. I've probably only had a half cup of coffee each morning (can't smell anything so I can't taste anything either).....but have been refilling my water bottles and keeping a stockpile in the fridge. I think I've drunk/drank (?) more water in ten days than I have in a year in order to keep my fluids up even though I haven't been eating much (forcing myself to be honest). Lost nearly ten pounds already but it isn't like I couldn't afford that......and my weight fluctuates by at least that normally anyhow. Miss my ice cream...have a passion for Moose Tracks....but it all tastes like cardboard so I refuse to waste it LOL