Samsung smartTv's HBOGo app not working(Cablevision/Optimum)

Same issue happens with Optimum (Cablevision).

Problem first occurred 6 months ago when i first downloaded the HBOGo application on my Samsung LN46C650 smartTv... since then, i've updated the application twice when new versions were available, and the same issue as described in the original thread occurs: I can only watch previews and Ratings, but as soon as a movie or tv show is about to play the error says "We're sorry, video cannot be played at this time."

Note: I see in "siejzak's" reply below that HBO has reached out to Samsung about this:
>>>by siejczak - 8/9/12 10:13 AM
>>>In Reply to: Samsung LCD -HBO GO -Directv - Not working? by monkey194545
>>>I have been in contact with HBO ( here is their reply:
>>>"Thank you for your patience. We have escalated your issue to our technical team; however, at this time we do not have an estimated resolution date. We are aware of an issue with certain Samsung Smart TV's and are working with Samsung to resolve it. We will contact you as soon as we receive more information or if we have additional questions." (I decided to buy a Roku)

Fed up. How long will this fix take? When is Samsung (or ISPs?) going to fix this issue?!