Thanks Samsung HD Tech

by v8airtrack - 12/29/12 6:08 AM

In Reply to: Re: Samsung_HD_Tech by Samsung_HD_Tech Samsung staff

Thanks for the quick reply and I am not sure if I should have started a new thread because I have the same problem but have an ES8000 and HW-E450

I bought an ES8000, it's such a nice TV with great picture quality, style and every feature you could want but it's not cheap.
2 of the big selling points are its design (very thin and tiny bezel ) and voice control.
Anyone buying one of these sets knows, if you want better sound you will need a soundbar, so I bought the HW-E450, what you do not expect is you won't be able to use voice control to turn it on any more, saying "Hi TV, Power on" just turns the TV on and not the soundbar.

Surly, such a minor bug should be a quick and easy firmware fix.
Why is it taking so long, if it takes much longer the warranties will be running out for some customers.

Could you please contact Samsung on our behalf for an official response?