Got it!

by 8string - 12/28/12 3:03 PM

In Reply to: OK, 11 is good. by R. Proffitt Moderator

OMG! It was a mess. Here are the things I have done to get hooked up.
1. Reset the Samsung DVD by holding down the fast forward.
2. Reset the router.
3. Added a dongle (usb male to usb female) so that the antenna for the samsung is outside of cabinetry.
4. Samsung now finds several ESSIDs to choose from.
5. Select the correct ESSID
6. Samsung then offers 4 options for encryption (from open to WPA2....).
7. Chose the WPA2.... (the last one on the list) and then entered the 16 digit key found on the back of the router and voila! It connected.

The first thing it then wants to do is update the firmware so let that happen. It takes ~20 minutes.

Anyway - thanks for sticking with me through all of this.