This is a storage protection problem usually caused by...

by wpgwpg - 12/28/12 2:43 PM

In Reply to: Why am I blue-screening? by UCGlKuryoku

...a driver. If you've downloaded drivers from anywhere other than the manufacturer's web site, that can be problematic. Have you looked at Device Manager to see if any of the entries have either ! or ? next to them? If they do, that's a sign of a problem with that driver.
You can check for corrupted system files. Open an administrator command prompt and run SFC if the above doesn't help. Click START, then type CMD in the search box, right-click CMD.EXE and click Run as administrator. Then from the command prompt type sfc /scannow.
Another place to look is at the very cryptic Windows event log. To do that click Start -> Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer. Once in Event Viewer click on the system log and scroll through the entries looking for those flagged "error" to see if you can find hints as to where the problem could be.

Good luck.