by NotEd - 12/28/12 2:01 PM

In Reply to: Let me share. by R. Proffitt Moderator

I'd actually been looking at the Transformer TF300, sans keyboard dock, as I am not looking for a laptop. What I would like is something that can do most of the entertainment function of my Android Phone, but better, as well as replace and older first Gen Kindle with the added benefit of now being able to read magazines and comics on occasion.

My wife has an iPad 2, which she bought relatively cheap as the gen 3 with Retina display just came out and I really find the higher resolution display really helps if you want to use it to read books. I find it is just easier for me to looking at due to the crispness of the display.

Also in the reviews of the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, including the one here on Cnet, they say the display was actually worse than the original Galaxy Tab. Apparently it has a noticeable greenish tinge to it. That also concerns me.

The Quad Core proc concern is more one of future-proofing a little bit. Having seen my HTC phone go from a showcase, entry level Android phone with AT&T to almost totally abandoned in less than a year, I hate to have the same thing happen with a tablet that I can't afford to replace anytime soon.

Thanks for the input.