BSOD Page_Fault_In_Non_Paged_Area Stop 0x50 (ReInstalled XP)

by Girl_london - 12/28/12 2:10 PM

In Reply to: Safe mode tells us little here. by R. Proffitt Moderator

So I wiped everything clean and the computer seems to be working - although on Windows XP SP1. I now want to update it to SP3 plus add any AV software asap from Microsoft site but cannot get onto the Internet through IE.

I am aware that it could be that I need to update "network connections" but not aware of any CDs that were used to do this. I have run connection wizard and it keeps diverting to dial up mode. Only connections I can see are:

LAN or High Speed Connection:
1394 - Enabled/Firewalled

Dial Up:
Dellnet Disconnected

Broadband Connection Disabled/Firewalled (This is the one is the one I setup through the wizard insturctions).

Is this a common issue?

/of London