OK, now let's find the manual.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 12/28/12 1:58 PM

In Reply to: Model No by Dummy888


"If using bundle XP installation disc to change the current OS to Windows XP Pro (Only preinstalled Windows Vista Business unit will bundle this disc), you can skip to install this driver.
1. Find one external floppy disk drive and connect with the unit.
2. Insert a blank formatted floppy disk into the external floppy disk drive, and unzip the downloaded zip file.
3. Copy these 8 unzip files to the blank formatted floppy disk.
4. Start the Microsoft® Windows® Operating System setup by booting from the installation CD.
5. At the beginning of the Operating System setup, press the F6 key to install a third-party SAST or RAID driver.
6. When prompted, insert the floppy disk with the SATA driver files.
7. After reading the floppy disk, the SATA Controller will be presented. Select this driver to install (Please click PgUP button to choose Intel ICH9M-E/M SATA AHCI Controller option). Finish the Windows® Operating System installation and install all necessary drivers."

OUCH. I found no BIOS setting to emulate IDE. This means to support XP you get to do the F6 Floppy Setup. THIS IS WELL DISCUSSED SO I MUST BE SHORT HERE.

Repair of this OS on such machines is horrible, hard and horrible to everyday users. There are no recovery media options for this model and XP.

Didn't anyone warn you about this?

If you need to get your files out, use this method.

Sorry to read that this machine didn't have the feature.