Can you help?!

Hello, I am having problems with my Samsung TV and would really appreciate some help as I have yet to recieve any.

Please see my thread below:

Hello Everyone,

I purchased an Samsung UE46ES6300 Smart TV for my Boyfried for Christmas & we are struggling to connect it to our WiFi to use the features. Obviously I went through the procedures - Network settings, found my WiFi, typed in my Network password & unfortunately states: 'Unable to connect to the Wireless Router'. Taking into account my Virgin Media Router is directly next to my TV, I cannot see what the problem is?! The Wireless & Internet is 100% working as we have other devices running of it - I-pad, Laptop, Phones etc!

I have been reading about this issue on the Web & it seems as though its not only me whom has encounterd this problem!

Just a quick thread to seem if anyone can help in solving my problem & can help me in enabling me to connect our new Smart TV to the Internet.

Your help will be much appreciated.

Many thanks,