RE-You're not alone

by cmurphy54409 - 12/26/12 3:21 PM

In Reply to: You're not alone by Willy

My mistake was thinking Polaroid was a trusted brand. Have not returned them yet. I'm not entirely clueless to OS/firmware, etc. The online manual and paper manual are exactly the same - (1) fold out sheet that says 'on/off', button descriptions, blah blah blah. I had updated all (3) tablets. And I agree just getting something out at any sacrifice to their brand name.

But to be fair the first 1-2 wks I used one of them it worked perfectly! Downloaded and used multiple apps from Amazon AppStore, read multiple books, used multiple widgets. I tested for myself all the programs that would be used on even an occasional basis, both the preinstalled and ones I installed. And they worked fine. Even after I updated the thing! Running Android 4.0 - IceCream Sandwich. So anyone selling their Kindle Fire's yet?