Special Streaming Video

by xmike - 12/26/12 7:23 AM

In Reply to: I've never seen that done. by R. Proffitt Moderator

Netflix offers direct Streaming Video offers via email. These movie offers are not available on Instant Queue but are just for instant viewing on your PC. It requires an Operating System like Windows on a PC and is not available through the regular Netflix receiver. Two programs in the last month were offered, Bones and Sons of Anarchy last season series. The problem is they would not be available over the TV Box until later in the year or next.

I have a PS3 that receives my Netflix, the Audio went out in my regular Netflix / DVD receiver so I am using it temporarily. The PS3 has Web Browser access to Netflix. But when I try to play it through the Browser I get an error telling me I need a Computer Operating System.

I'm not trying to Burn Netflix Movies on my DVD, just trying to use the WiFi setup to display what is on the computer over to the TV. Kind of like the way the old VCR's used a switch to bypass the incoming video around the VCR playback output.

They have cables that connect between your Computer and TV to view a larger picture, I just wondered if anyone has done this by using a WiFi DVD player.

My house is just getting Wired Out !!!! To many cables, the wife just looks and smiles and says the Dust Bunnies are all mine.