More info on my home setup

by lesleykg - 12/25/12 9:07 PM

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I'm not seeing the option to reply to the latest post from Samsung_HD_Tech below, so I'm replying here.

I live in a 20-unit loft building. Each unit is about 1200-1600 sq ft; mine is one of the biggest at about 1600 sq ft. My loft is 3 levels; the bedroom is on the bottom level, the kitchen/living room are on the middle floor, and the TV is on the top floor, which is open to the middle floor (there's a 1/2 wall on the top floor so you can look down on the middle floor).

The wireless router is on the middle floor. We have a desktop computer and monitor on the middle floor, as well as the kitchen appliances (microwave, stove, oven, fridge). The router is positioned in the middle of the floor so it has a clear shot to the upper level.

Most of my neighbors have wireless networks set up, so I can see about 12 different networks.

My desktop computer is connected through the wireless network and has no problems running Netflix from a web browser (Chrome and IE8 work fine). Our various laptops also have no problems running Netflix through web browsers (Chrome, IE8 and Safari), and our iPad 2's and iPhones also run the Netflix mobile app fine over the wireless connection.