Yes I am.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 12/25/12 11:25 AM

In Reply to: Are you serious ??? by birdmantd Moderator

If the carrier does not supply services they agreed to, you have an out. The carriers hate it when you use such as the out but it works (seen it work!)

As to the link, it's not exactly spot on and I knew that. But the claim that the carrier made is false. They make changes all the time in the backend. However they are not going to reveal that to the clients.

SMS does fail a lot more than folk think. One of our early GPS trackers used SMS and it failed a lot. Later we moved to an IP over cellular solution with SMS used to trigger some specific features. Much better but the carriers are a funny lot. Only after years of working with the same support folk have we reached the point they take our requests and reports seriously. They can't take the usual customer too seriously.