HP overall... SUCKS ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

by NCMan66 - 12/25/12 4:27 AM

In Reply to: Ditto to IDAREYOU by ginnim3

Just got as a gift, one HP Deskjet multipurpose inkjet printer D1660, fresh from the box and never used. And at the appalling rate it's going... probably never will be used. I called the tech support hotline, and got told that the warranty had expired after giving them the serial #. The effing thing hasn't ever been used, so how the bloody blue blazes could the warranty expire! I have yet to get the bloody driver loaded and at this rate am just about ready to throw the thing back into the box it came in and hunt down the CEO and personally give the d*mn thing back to 'em... with some dog manure stuffed into it as a not so gentle notice to them about what I think of their products of late. I also believe that I got short changed on the warranty for the laptop that I have. Just no way to prove that their people there @ HP didn't juggle the registration date, to have it expire before it was supposed to... but in all honesty, wouldn't surprise Me if they did sh*t like that, to boot. I have decided that if and when I am in a position to get another computer... and printer... It will sure as H*LL won't be an HP/Compaq model.. EVER AGAIN.