Hard Drives

I believe in Western Digital Black hard drives. The most important thing about the Black Hard Drives is that there is a five year warranty. In my years of using these hard drives, I have only had to RMA one. Western Digital asked me for the receipt and I said that I do not have the receipt. They asked me to read the manufacture date and told me that it is under warranty and they will mail me one after I mail the bad hard drive. I am a power user and use revouninstaller and ccleaner to erase and write over anything that I delete for the maximum of 35 times. You are doing correct in backing up, but I would also use discs for back ups. The higher price for the Black Edition is worth the extra money. Do a search on the Black Edition and you will not find an unhappy customer.
The price difference is in the way that the heads read and write to the disc. Stick to the higher price discs that are designed for power users. Notice the warranties on the other discs and categories.