I agree with Bob...

Perhaps this will help

Question: Do cameras at that range come with a lens that has filters on it or features to make it look interesting, or would i have to buy another lens for that?
Response: The filters will not already be mounted. I suggest you capture the video "normal" and leave the "features to make it look interesting" to the video editor. The only suggested add-on lenses might be a tele-lens to extend zoom and a wide angle for a wider field of view.

Question: would i need to buy an external microphone or would it come with a good enough one?
Response: It depends on the environment and how picky you are.

Loud audio (concerts/band practice) can mean an external audio recorder... or externally connected mics with the camcorder having manual audio gain control.
Before making a specific camcorder suggestion it will be helpful to know:
1) Does your budget include mics, tripod, and all the other stuff?

2) What computer and operating system will the editing be done on? Is there budget for upgrading this?

3) How long do you expect to "save the video"? One year is easy. 10 or 20 years and beyond can be interesting.