AllShare disconnect fix that worked for me

by mdinnercnet - 12/23/12 8:13 PM

In Reply to: AllShare disconnects by harpthorn

After trying everything I could think of to fix the network disconnect that ocurred about 10 minutes when watching a movie stored on my computer and using AllShare on my Samsung UNES8000FXZA, I finally stumbled on a fix that worked for me. This probably won't work for everyone having problems with AllShare but,i f you were like me, working for days trying to fix the problem, you'll be happy to stop the network disconnects any way you can. If the computer you are using as the server has both an ethernet and a wireless connection, and you are connected to the TV with the ethernet connection, disable the wireless connection on the computer. As long as your computer is wired into a wireless router you should still be able to access it with your other wireless devices. Also, if for some reason you need it you can can always just enable the wireless connection without having to do any setup. Just open Network and Sharing Center in Windows and click on Change adapter settings on the left hand side. If you disabled the wireless connection it will be grayed out. Just right click on it, select enable and it's back on. (By the way, doing the same thing and selecting disable is the way to disable the wireless connection in the first place.) I dragged it as a shortcut to my desktop and all I have to do is click on the shortcut to enable or disable the wireless connection.

I realize this may only help those with the same type of network setup I have, but if you do this may work for you too. At least worth a try. Hope this helps someone. Good luck.