Buying a Smart TV, do I need an Anti-virus

by BobAH - 12/23/12 7:40 AM

In Reply to: Buying a Smart TV, do I need an anti-virus? by Lee Koo (ADMIN) Moderator CNET staff

Yes, you should have Anti-virus / Anti-malware on your Smart TV. It is a computer and it has storage capability, and with out fail you will store privacy information on it. I can remember and it was not that long ago, when people said that you would never need it for your phone or your tablet. I also remember the first virus that I got sent, from a smart phone. I also remember, and that was just last week, a malware attack through a streamed video on my PC. Look at how poorly secured they are now, how easily people's are hacked and information stolen from them. As an IT professional and one that has been at it a long time, and one that has had to deal with privacy information, I am always amazed that people say, you will never need it. I keep reading the horror stories about people's phones and tablets and how poorly secured they are. CNET's forums have dealt with this on a number of occasions. I still have some issues with Anti-virus / Anti-malware that is issued for PC's and how often people are still having them hacked, and one of the main reasons why I do not have a smart phone or a tablet because of their poor security. I even had one of the Cell Phone carriers comment on how poor the security is and the hope that it would be improved. I am going to para-phase something here. Yes Virgina, you need an Antivirus.