It appears you are a prime candidate for 8 RT

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 12/22/12 12:59 PM

In Reply to: Surface RT or Surface Pro by zekea

It appears you are ready for the restricted tablet that is Windows 8 RT today.

Be aware that the battery life span is still unknown. Many devices come with 300 to 1000 cycle batteries so are you OK with the 8 RT I'm seeing today if you buy a new battery yearly?

If so it appears you can live with all the current restrictions and planned life span.

You also will not be worried by Microsoft's attitude to buyers of their locked down, no upgrade machines. That is, you are fine with being run over by the bus. Here's what they did with Windows 7 Phone users as they changed to RT.

If all this doesn't bother you, then you are ready for a Windows 8 RT tablet.