Surface RT or Surface Pro

by zekea - 12/22/12 10:21 AM

In Reply to: Are you OK with a Restricted Tablet? by R. Proffitt Moderator

Sorry I don't understand your reply.
I'm asking specifically about the pros and cons of the Surface RT and the Surface Pro.

As I mentioned I got a surface RT 64 and a touch cover as a gift but when I heard the Pro was coming out next month I returned it for an Amazon credit.

The lack of Outlook being available on the RT & the complaints I read about the limitations of apps on RT were the main deal breakers for me.

Now I'm thinking that the new Surface Pro will have half the battery life and that's a bigger problem.
I'm really looking for a windows laptop replacement\

Should I have stayed with the RT and simply used my offices Outlook online version?
Or get the Pro using my $700.00 credit?