Problems still appear

HDs will still breakdown, some more than others. It makes no difference who makes it. While newer HDs may appear to now last, users that have older HDs aren't going to complain they last too long. I do talk about "internal" HDs, not ext. or mobile HDs. I suggest these ext. HDs won't last as long simply because they are prone to knocks and dings more than an int. ever will. At the same time these are overall the same HDs found in int. setups. Also, the ext. HDs tend to have thier own power source or if they don't they have to depend on USB type power which can be flaky. Alas, HDs still fail no matter what, but compared to yrs. ago, I don't it's any more so than yrs. past. Consider that you're getting a 1Tb drive now compared to say a 40gb not too long ago and maybe it's even the same price. Generally speaking I don't see a hash of bad drives unless they were in fact made wrong or due to new process that hasn't been sorted out. Remember the Hitachi "Deathstar 80gb". wink due to bad manufacturing. Overall, I think HDs last slightly longer than older drives, even if they're not build like a hulk of steel.

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