Smart poll

by blueslover72209 - 12/22/12 7:41 AM

In Reply to: Poll: Do you own a smart TV? by Lee Koo (ADMIN) Moderator CNET staff

Poll comment: would have made more sense (IMHO) if the fourth response was "I do not plan to buy"

I'm probably a bit of a demographic oddity here. 72yo single male. Not the typical "next great thing" consumer but I've always loved anything tech. That said, I just picked up, for cheap, an older laptop with fubar screen - HDMI out. Looks like it's gonna do most anything a smart tv would do.
Drawback (my specific): 32" flat-screen is too small for viewing text on the screen. I've written a simple html file for quick access to favorites but may have to consider a larger "dumb" tv and/or an additional seat confused