Are today's new computer hard drives just simply junk?

I build /repair Computers , it does appear that the Older drives e.g 250 - 500 Gig (Sata) do have a longer life than
the `newer' drives (>1Tbyte etc) .I regularly service very Old Computers with IDE drives of very small capacity
say 40-80 Gig(10yrs old?) that are still running perfectly , they even have good S.M.A.R.T `stats'.
It may not be related , but recently most major Drive manufacturers have reduced the Warranties on
`standard' drives down to 1 Year , that's often far less than a Computers APU/CPU or mainboard .
IF it's reliability your after , I'd try some of those new `NAS' ,Enterprise type
drives available .( or go to server SCSI HDDs )
I suppose the solution is to back up more than twice and hope 1 out of 3/ or 4 drives works
beware of cloud storage as privacy and security would be doubtful ..SSD drives have yet to be proven reliable
You'd like to think that a Hard drive with a decent warranty ,say 3 years would be better than a 1 yr warranted HDD