Great Catch

by ajtrek - 12/21/12 5:22 PM

In Reply to: I read it too. by R. Proffitt Moderator

I see your point. Samsung's mis-step with one of it's devices could potentially cross-propagate with other devices under its development even though at present phones and smart tv's are viewed as two distinct products. However, given your premise another manufacturer that revolutionized the phone industry with the "APP" concept and is now probably employing some of that same technology in the development of a Smart TV could very well hasten the use of such a device to play havoc with a computer network. It's ironic that "APP" happens to be the first three letters in "Apple" or is it? Maybe Apple's idea to closely monitor APP development and deployment with such intense scrutiny isn't such a bad idea after all. We may all be safer for it in the long term.