by Willy - 12/21/12 10:41 AM

In Reply to: Thanks, Kees by The ancient one

While Dell may provide various drivers they *ALL* refer to what you actually present or installed in that model# PC. You need to know exactly what's what. Since this is a laptop it becomes harder. But, upon the XP reload, under the device manager it will point out what drivers aren't loaded or still need be. They will point to some XYZ device, note it down and get them. It's not going to hurt to all those Dell support website drivers shown, burnt to some disc to later refer to what prompted for drivers, they're either going to be accepted or shown as wrong ones.

One reason various drivers are present is that actual item could vary, like a modem card. It maybe ZZZ modem brand but you have XXX brand, so you get the idea they provide the full range as they did install on same model# at different times.

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