more specific questions

by priyanka_05 - 12/20/12 11:21 PM

In Reply to: Still vs. Video by PistonCupChampion

so when canon has better image quality with 10x zoom and sony has 20x zoom which one will give better picture if I shoot following:
Faces and picture when i have a party at home?
When i go outing and wanna capture scenic beauty?
Pictures are shoot at night with less light?
Pictures are shot with moving hands, can blur be avoided?
HD Video ?
Above all which brand is more reliable?

Please suggest which one to choose, I am really confused as i am still a new person to photography so get inclined to Sony hx20 as its bundeled with features but at the same point still wanna enjoy high end features of Canon G12 as people call it mini SLR and i wanna explore it too!