Still vs. Video

by PistonCupChampion - 12/20/12 8:23 PM

In Reply to: Sony hx20 vs Canon G12 by priyanka_05

The Canon will have an edge in image quality because it has a larger sensor and a slightly brighter lens. It also has an optical viewfinder and lots of external buttons and dials for faster adjustment of often-used controls. It has a hotshoe to accept an external flash for more professional-looking indoor images.

The Sony is obviously smaller. It has more automatic gadgets, a much more versatile if less bright lens, and higher quality HD video.

Both are good cameras, aimed at different users. The Canon is more for the photography enthusiast, who wants a lot of control in a smaller size than a DSLR. The Sony is more for the casual shooter, who wants lots of features and would prefer to "point and shoot."