The awful double secret secret.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 12/20/12 7:58 AM

In Reply to: More work... by Willy

The cheap tablets look to be made solely for price and about a years use. I can imagine that some shop or tech might get sucked into trying to fix some of these things but we know this secret up front and if anyone brings us one of the too numerous MIC tablets to fix we have a minimum charge that is large enough to replace the product. Some folk have turned red and screamed at us but we never sold the device.

They are very upset they can't get service on tablets or support. It's a new area and it may take a while for the consumer to figure it out.

Back to the charger. As USB does have a limit, Samsung and others use a trick in the charger cable to supply more. No charger should do much more than the limit or may suffer the wrath of a product liability lawyer.