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by Willy - 12/20/12 7:51 AM

In Reply to: This is news to me. by R. Proffitt Moderator

Trying to fix tablets is a recent development for me. As it seems someone finds out I'm a tech and calls or knows a friend, you know what I mean. The point being, it seems I had rather bad luck or can't even get the tablet to power on or show a charge. Some of these are older tablets or the larger 10in. like Samsung, Ipad, Verizon or AT&T type etc.. On simple chargers, it cuts out the charger safety ckt. and no charge. -OR- allowed to remain on an AC charging strip, never takes a charge or appears so. Thus, I deem the battery is too far gone or the charging ckt. is overloaded or done-in. Even with supplied OEM setups, it just sits there saying its in charge mode(lit LED) but no go after hrs. of being on. I'm not going to pop-open these tablets either, at least they have warranty or rather more capable service that render tablet services better. Basically, I now ask, "does it power-ON?" before trying to resolve some problem. But, even that gets a tablet remaining at the home to test. All this is a learning experience for me now, but I had success provided it powers-ON. Broken screen, forget abut' it. ------Willy happy