by nojunk_ - 12/19/12 9:43 AM

In Reply to: Possible solution by dinyarchavda

I have no idea why it is called "flea power" or if that is just a silly name for static electricity, but this fix WORKED for me, and I am very happy about that.

My mouse pad was erratic, but a plugged in mouse was not fixing the problem, either. My cursor was jumpy, it was clicking on things at random, sometimes even without me touching the computer at all. It had gotten so bad I was trying to look for a new computer--which was hard to do, since the cursor was SO erratic.

There was a brief moment of cursor clarity, and I landed on this thread from four years ago, and even though I have a different brand of laptop, this fix worked. I unplugged the cord, removed the battery, cleared out a bunch of dust (had to note the interesting connection between all that dust and the term flea powder), held the power button down for about ten seconds, then put the battery back in, plugged the power cord back in, and turned on the laptop.

Eureka! A functional cursor. What a blessing. So, yes, I am well-aware that this thread is old. But I wanted to reply for those poor folks, like me, who land here, and wonder if this fix is outdated. Flea power, indeed. Who knew?