False Positive

by jraju - 12/18/12 11:41 PM

In Reply to: Google reveals CNETs shady tactics by asdfasdflkjhlkjh

even if you decline the extra toolbars and stuff during download, it still installs the fake virus detector - which is extremely deceptive.

I'm shocked, and I will never use any cnet property again.
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The cnet is indirectly installing third party nasty softwares, which will not only spoils your browser, but also dent in to registry values, which is very difficult to get rid of. Some moderator would say that they will in future avoid those third parties. But, it was in this site, i downloaded software along with babylon, funmoods and claro , a new browser, registry and whatnot hijack, be it adware or not.Now i am really thinking in terms of not downloading anything from this wonderful site, once upon a time.