by padyboy - 12/18/12 8:16 AM

In Reply to: ION turntable from Amazon $65 by delpi767

I have an ION TTUSB. I am running Win 7.
It is not recognized in Audacity, the free and most common software for vinyl to cd conversion.
Audacity Win 7 has the drivers to their software. ION evaded my question by recommending a program 'Vinyl-Tape' converter'. This works but produces poor quality sound. I did not expect Analog sound quality, but this is not even as good as digital.

I am now faced with purchasing a preamplifier to convert vinyl from my High Fidelity Rega Planar 3 turntable after having spent money on this ION turntable.

There is a slim chance someone may find a solution to my problem.