Hello Jen

by WinBus - 12/16/12 11:18 AM

In Reply to: We will take another look at WinBus Messenger by CNETSupport CNET staff

Hello Jen i am Herb an admin from winbus and our software is 100% clean and the tech team that has checked it will tell you, i am very sure the tech team at cnet will tell you the same thing the user wolfie was banned from winbus over 2 years ago for making threats to the network the software and the developer himself this is a ploy to get cnet to look into winbus but as i can see when i submit updates your team takes 6 to 8 days to post one of our updates so i know they look at the software very well so their users are safe from infections but i had to reply to this because i know who wolfie is and he's been a problem for our network and our users from day one. We've had over 2000 downloads in 2 weeks and yahoo has just closed chat so most of the users are coming to our network and wolfie was a yahoo regular and he's very upset now because he knows he's not welcome on the network and all of his friends are coming to winbus