I can't tell the difference

by janitorman - 12/15/12 5:52 AM

In Reply to: Phono cartridges are plentiful!!! by SeagoatLeo

Between a mono or a stereo recording. I can't tell the difference between Bass and Treble. I guess you could say I'm tone deaf. I'm not very discriminating when it comes to the SOUND of the music, as long as the words can be understood, and it's NOT RAP, which pretty much means it doesn't matter. I'm one of those who would rather whistle tunelessly to myself than listen to recorded music, most of the time. No real reason to have music in your pocket when you can make it yourself, whistling tunelessly, or singing offkey (as I'm told I do.) It doesn't matter, all notes sound about the same, it's just noise.