Pony up

by rlrctro - 12/15/12 6:27 AM

In Reply to: How do we remove 'Error End'? by Disneyfan

It's really sad how people attack software without even trying it first. If I understand your post you want it to fix your PC then..... and only then you MIGHT pay, likelihood is you won't pay at all! You want something for nothing. I had a problem with not being able to print on a network shared printer. When trying to print it would through up an error code of 0xb82e4cc4 on line 2166. I did a Google search on the error code and the highest suggestion was error end software. yes I was a little concerned that they wanted money to fix the problem but I took the risk and PAID and after it ran I was able to print and it seem to be running a little smoother, it's been three months now and it's still running and ptinting