Samsung WD100 - Olympus SP620 UZ

by snapshot2 Moderator - 12/14/12 3:08 PM

In Reply to: Deciding between 2 cameras to buy by wheelman1030

Both cameras are classified as budget zoom.

I can't find enough information on the WD100.
I found no good sample photos.
But the specifications tells me it and the SP620 are about equal.

If you are after a lot of optical zoom, either camera can handle the job.

Their picture quality will be about average with some vignetting (soft corners) and some lack of detail due to the 16 MP CCD sensor. Neither will do well in low light without the flash.

You should look at the Olympus-SZ-12 too.
It uses a 14 MP CMOS sensor which will improve the burst speed and produces better detail.

Here is a review of both:

As far as 3D .,.. you have to use a special viewer and/or glasses to see them in 3D.
It is more of a novelty.
Fun to play with but not practical.